Tasty Treats from Earnest Eats [Food Friday]

Looking for some refreshing snacks on the go? I had the opportunity recently to try some samples from Earnest Eats that are very tasty.

Two of these are baked whole food bars that are tasty and that have a great size. Both of them are roughly square and are easily pocketable. In addition to their mobility, they are quite tasty. The Almond Trail Mix I found to be quite a mixture of sweet, salty, and more. With notable cranberry and oats flavor blended with a slightly nutty, crunchy consistency, it is enjoyably refreshing.

The other snack bar is the Cran Lemon Zest, which is, like the other bar, also sweet and salty, as well as oat-y and nutty. In addition to a softer mouthfeel, the Cran Lemon Zest bar is a bit lighter-tasting and would be excellent on a warm day.
In addition to these two snack bars, my wife had their Hot & Fit Cereal. Specifically, she had their American Blend with cranberries and almonds and flax. She thought it was fine, liking the pumpkin seeds that added a really nice crunch, even though the packaging did not feature them. The cranberries would have added a nice sweetness, although she couldn’t taste them. She would have liked more cranberry taste from it.

We also were sent the very intriguing Cherry Almond Energized Hot Cereal powered by coffee fruit, however, unlike the aforementioned products which are certified kosher, this product is, somehow, not certified as such. However, it does look very interesting.

In all, these are some tasty offerings from Earnest Eats.

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