A Flight of Beers at Rock Bottom Brewery in Long Beach

Lineup of Beers at Rock Bottom

Lineup of Beers at Rock Bottom

Recently, I went to Rock Bottom in Long Beach, where I had a flight of their beers.  The flight consisted of six beers: Kölsch, White Ale, Red Ale, Chunk of Pumpkin Ale, India Pale Ale, and Porter.

I found the Kölsch to be a good football beer (it is described as “light in body with subtle fruit flavors and a crisp, floral hop finish”).  The White Ale reminded me of Shock Top and had a nice coriander flavor to it.  I found the Red Ale to be smooth and hoppy, which was nice.

The seasonal beer, Chunk of Pumpkin Ale, was definitely an enjoyable beer, being smooth and pumpkin-y, which was great.  I thought the India Pale Ale was a calm IPA with some grapefruit notes.  Finally, the Porter I found to be smooth and dark, which was nice.

Overall, the beers were decent, with their pumpkin ale being pretty enjoyable, although nothing special.

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