New Website Targeting Middle-of-the-Road Political Viewpoints for Millennials

A new website recently launched whose aim is to provide relevant middle-of-the-road political thinkpieces for Millennials. Launched this month, Policy Carnival has a variety of writers who are Millennials, themselves.  Joel Bond, the founder and publisher of Policy Carnival, who is also a Millennial, says he encourages Policy Carnival’s “writers to embrace their biases while keeping their mindset and targeting the middle-of-the-road viewpoints on different topics, so, through that, the hope is that, while someone might come from the right or the left, they’ll lean towards the middle by embracing the fairness that Millennials demand.”

Joel Bond is the founder and editor of Policy Carnival

Joel Bond is the founder and editor of Policy Carnival

Of course, the timing for the new website is opportune as the nation is in the thick of the presidential election season. “Because we’re obviously at the point in time that there’s less than two months until we choose our next president, we will be spending a lot of time evaluating either the topics that are recurrent in the presidential race or the specific policy points of the presidential candidates, themselves,” said Bond. However, because the writers “come from different backgrounds with different beliefs, we will give them the opportunities to make the case for each of the candidates while still maintaining the integrity of our mission. for instance, after each presidential debate, including the vice presidential debate, we will be releasing debate grades on how each of the candidates performed during the debate.” For their grading of the first presidential debate, you can check out this recent article.

The contributors to Policy Carnival are people with whom Bond has interacted in “the political field, everything from campaign volunteers to political science students.” However, he is open to other writers, as well, as he is “open to having writers who have clear biases and, in turn, we would allow people from the opposite point of view to counter those viewpoints,” such as in pro-con pieces.

Bond said he decided to create the website after seeing a lack of interest amongst Millennials in politics: “After about three years of working in various levels of government and politics, I noticed that there was a need to increase Millennial engagement. One of the problems that Millennials have with the current political sphere is that news media either doesn’t reflect their biases or doesn’t present unbiased information, so I decided to create an online political publication whose focus is to focus on Millennials with moderate-leaning political pieces from everyday Millennials.”

Policy Carnival is looking to grow in its posting regularity, as it currently has six articles published in its first three weeks. “We’re focusing on Monday through Thursday at the moment, but, as we get more quality submissions and more regular contributors, we look to expand to articles to every day of the week,” said Bond.

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