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A Visit to San Pedro Brewing Company

Last night, I had the opportunity to check out San Pedro Brewing Company. Located in downtown San Pedro, San Pedro Brewing Company is currently the only brewery in San Pedro (although that will change once Brouwerij West opens up) and...


A Recanati Wine-tasting [Wine Wednesday]

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a wine-tasting. Since I seldom get to do wine-tastings (although I went to one in November), this was kind of a bit different for me, since I’m used to tasting whiskeys, beers,...


Blessing for Different Wine [Talmud Tuesday]

While there is a well-known tannaitic teaching that one says a blessing – בורא פרי הגפן (Creator of the fruits of the vine) – over wine (mBerakhot 6:1), one of the interesting blessings that is created during the period of...