Hillel Institute Splits Into Summer and Winter Sessions

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Hillel Institute 2014 Logo -maybeHillel International (formerly, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life) is currently holding its fifth annual Hillel Institute in St. Louis at the campus of Washington University.  In a break from the previous four years of holding a national staff convening, this summer’s Hillel Institute will only be convening specific professional cohorts.

According to a communication sent out in December, in order “to continue a tradition of more than twenty years, we will once again gather students and New Professionals – including all Israel Fellows and New Directors – in August.  This year we will gather these groups” at Washington University.”  Furthermore, this convening includes “training for Student Engagement Interns and Leaders and Supervisors, Ask Big Questions Fellows and Supervisors, new Professionals, new Directors, and all Israel Fellows and Supervisors.”

However, “unlike the past four years, the August gathering will not convene our entire Hillel movement, but only these specific cohorts. ”  Instead, the national staff convening will take place in December.  “The winter season will provide an opportunity to reflect, rejuvenate and even re-engineer ourselves and our Hillels,” continues the communication.”  Hillel International looks “forward to celebrating our colleagues, building our movement, and learning from each other.  We anticipate a return to the East Coast for this gathering.”  Update: the December gathering will be taking place in Orlando.

Thus, the current conference has the moniker “Hillel Institute: August Convening” and the December conference will simply be called “Hillel Institute”.  While most of those taking part in this week’s Hillel Institute arrived yesterday and depart tomorrow, Israel Fellows will be spending the most time there – going from Monday through Sunday.  New professionals, new directors, and those attending Engagement Institute arrived yesterday and will be participating until Sunday.

The mission of Hillel International is “Enriching the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.”

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