Author: Drew Kaplan


A Recanati Wine-tasting [Wine Wednesday]

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a wine-tasting. Since I seldom get to do wine-tastings (although I went to one in November), this was kind of a bit different for me, since I’m used to tasting whiskeys, beers,...


Blessing for Different Wine [Talmud Tuesday]

While there is a well-known tannaitic teaching that one says a blessing – בורא פרי הגפן (Creator of the fruits of the vine) – over wine (mBerakhot 6:1), one of the interesting blessings that is created during the period of...


Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Does Not Lead to Sharia Being Imposed in America: A Response to Robert Avrech [Monday Musing]

In the most recent issue of Jewish Action (Spring 2015), Robert Avrech writes (p. 6): Homosexual marriage is front and center as Hollywood’s most urgent social movement. But government-endorsed homosexual marriage will inevitably lead to the legalization of Islamic polygamous...