Matters of Interest founder, Drew Kaplan, at WonderCon

Drew Kaplan, founder of Matters of Interest, at WonderCon

Matters of Interest provides perspectives and information about a variety of matters of interest to the public, whether on beverages, events, or entertainment, amongst other topics. Primarily an LA-area based website, Matters of Interest has largely focussed on events of interest in Southern California, primarily in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach.

Matters of Interest is meant for the general reader, including providing previews on events in the SoCal area, insights into products, or sharing helpful information.

Matters of Interest, was a project founded by Drew Kaplan that came out of his having begun writing on his blog over ten years ago. After having done so, he decided in December 2013 to create a separate writing outlet for his more public-facing content.  That blog project was good, however, after a half-year, Drew decided to create Matters of Interest on the summer of 2014.

Matters of Interest strives to produce interesting content on a variety of topics, such as events in Southern California, beverages, and more.  While most of the writing is done by Drew Kaplan, others have written for Matters of Interest, as well.  Hopefully, you will find the topics to be of interest.

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