Monthly Archive: January 2015

Three Week Break

Three Week Break

I’m taking a step away from this blog for three weeks to recharge, refresh, and to get fresh new material. New content returns on Monday 9 February 🙂 Thanks for reading and see you soon!

New Issue of “Conversations” Focusses on “Personalities, Principles, Proddings”

The newest issue of “Conversations”, published by the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, focusses on “Personalities, Principles, Proddings”. This 21st issue (Winter 2015/5775) “presents articles that reflect the creativity and diversity among personalities of the Orthodox world of the...

An Initial Look at mTamid 7.4 (“השיר שהיו הלויים אומרין בבית המקדש”) [Mishnah Monday]

I’ve been curious about our practice of singing/saying a daily psalm, which derives from the final mishnah in Tamid, in which it opens with saying “השיר שהיו הלויים אומרין בבית המקדש” – “The song which the Levites would say in...

“Firefly: The Game” Blue Sun Expansion

Last week, my sister and brother-in-law bestowed upon us not one, but two expansions to “Firefly: The Game” (which they had also gotten for us (a year ago)), which was exciting. While I have written previously about the supply decks...